Vicky Fleetwood

I sponsored Vicky years ago, back in 2015 when she first had to up sticks and move to London to pursue her dream of playing rugby for England. We purchased the domain name so it was hers, and safe and got her set up on email … I even sketched out a logo and sent it to Anthony (#obvs) to sprinkle his magic dust on it – but we never got around to finishing the website.

That was then – and this is now. It’s only a simple, scrolling one pager website but at least it has all the official social media handles and contact links – for anyone trying to get in touch with Vicky.

Hopefully now we can kick on and get Vicky sorted with a Youtube channel and everything else that should go with being the phenomenon that she is. Please check out Vicky’s Instagram feed, it is great – she’s as dedicated an athlete as you’re likely to meet, and a great advocate for the game.

Vicky Fleetwood 'Pineapple' logo design

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“Finally got my website up and running thanks to Max! – Take a peek.

I would highly recommend Max and Featherkite.”

Vicky Fleetwood

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Vicky Fleetwood, in the gym, lifting weights

“Finally got my website up and running thanks to Max! Take a peek – I can highly recommend Max and Featherkite.”


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